Costa Rica SHB Naranjo "La Rosa"


From Valle Central, Costa Rica we are proudly offering CooproNaranjo “La Rosa” Strictly Hard Bean this season. CooproNaranjo has been a driving force behind the growing economy in Naranjo since 1968 when the small coffee farmers in the region came together to form Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples de Naranjo R.L.

“La Rosa” comes from 4 farms in the Naranjo region which is renown for its remarkable weather leading to the area being described as “blessed for coffee” - it experiences ideal growing conditions year-round: soil, altitude, rainfall, and temperatures combine to produce a uniquely piquant, floral coffee.

What makes this offering special is the bright sweetness that is the hallmark signature of Costa Rican coffees, and it is exceptional in this offering - we simply cannot get enough of it.

Tangerine notes spark brightly against the deep syrupy sweetness of brown sugar. A medium body.

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